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SureCord provides a variety of fun & fast-paced one-hour workshops designed to appeal to a broad audience. They can be used as stand-alone sessions, or combined to create a seminar. They can be addressed to a general audience, or tailored to a specific group. The sessions are framed in Scripture, and supported by research & case examples. Here are just a sample...

What Makes Me Tick? most popular
A Christian Perspective on
the Complexity of Being Human

What drives our emotions? When is the emotional problem physical or spiritual in nature? Is depression sin? Does anxiety have any biological roots? How can one get unstuck from self-defeating behavioral patterns? There are some amazing things science is discovering that supports the Bible.

Relationships That Last
Quality and enduring relationships must be cultivated. Using everyday items like a puzzle, necklace, or bicycle wheels, this workshop gives practical help to the family. The participants learn three key rules of healthy families to build lasting relationships.

Desperate Escapes
An Alternative View to Teen Crisis
Have you ever wondered why the teen is so angry or defiant? Or why a girl would cut on herself? What drives a kid to run away? Why do some choose such harmful friends? This workshop helps explore the purpose behind a behavior. It looks at the role of the child in their family. Topics include: "Understanding the Role of the Scapegoat," "Is it Crisis or Emancipation?" and "Cutting: Away with the Pain."



SureCord offers training and equipping seminars for pastoral staff, lay leaders, or the community. Seminars can be offered as partial day events, day-long, or weekend retreats.

Killer Marriages & Marriage Killers
The retreat is designed around three key components:

Participants learn Biblical principles for strengthening the bond, shrinking the distance and remaining alert & faithful to the end.

Small Group Leaders Training: Parts1 & 2

Part One
This four-hour workshop introduces concepts that will help attendees evaluate their call to small group ministry, and what healthy growth looks like.

Part Two
This four-hour workshop builds on the first workshop. Skills are taught that help promote accountability, awareness and keep groups healthy.


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